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Zoo Keepers Workshop

A two days Zoo Keepers Workshop was organized between 28 and 29 September,2010 for twenty zoo keepers working at the Central Zoo. The workshop focused on the different aspects of the management of the mammals, birds, reptiles and fishes. Daily diet, health care and sanitation were also discussed rigorously. The feedback, suggestions and input provided by the keepers will be incorporated in the guideline manual, which was drafted in 2008 and will be published during this fiscal year.

Baby Siamang on Acrobatics

The baby siamang Symphalangus syndactylus was born from the pair"Kale" and "Kali" on September 10,2010. The documented behavioral activity of parental care ad rearing of siamangs was published in the March issue of the Zoo newsletter. Now the baby has become one year and three months old and has changed a lot.It has grown up and weighs around half a kilogram and can now perform full acrobatics. It has learned from its parents how to jump from one rope to another and get food.

National Conservation Day Celebration

The central Zoo celebrated National Conservation Day on September 23,2010 with the slogan of the tiger year "Save the wild tiger and save so much more". To mark this day, zoo clean-up camp was organized inside the zoo premises and coloring and drawing activities were organized for visitors and students.

FOZ Club Meeting

FOZ club meeting was held on 26th September,2010. The meeting was attended by representative from 13 different schools. The meeting mainly focused on the agenda of FOZ club activities, club formation and active participation of FOZ in Central Zoo's program. Participants shared their experiences about activities conducted in their schools.

Animal Feeding program

The animal  feeding program was opened for the FOZ members from August to December 2010. The main objective of the program is to acquaint students with the food and feeding behaviors and reptiles of different mammals, birds in captivity. A total of 744 students and 38 teachers from 16 schools participated in the program. The main attraction for the students is to prepare the food and feed wildlife applying special precautions techniques and bio-security measures.

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