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Central Zoo Infrastructure Development Initiative

Central Zoo has envisioned a new initiative for the zoo development. Initially priority will be given to infrastructure development for animal enclosures and visitors facilities. many existing infrastructure and enclosure are old and not animal friendly. The renovation work of the compound wall has already been started. The wall from bird section to tiger enclosure will be renovated this year. The most important work will be initiated on tiger enclosure were additional security wall for enclosure and viewing will be constructed. In addition to these, enclosures for clouded leopard, small mammals, birds and reptiles will be constructed taking into account of modern principles of zoo management.Adequate attention will be given for visitors facilities by construction of visitor's sheds, children park, beautification of pond, ecofriendly visitors pavements, first aid facilities, recreation facilities and waste management. The Central Zoo has banned the plastics and wants to develop the environment cleanliness campaign as a model for the country.

Animal Rescue

The Central Zoo was officially given the responsibility of managing problem and orphan wild animals by government of Nepal. Government provided an ambulatory vehicle for the feasibility of the operation. The common animals and birds rescued are common leopard, pangolin, jungle cat, civets, black kites and owls.Many of the animals and birds rescued are injured and wounded. So, all of them have not survived.But some of them have improved with treatment and have been placed in Central Zoo and some are released in their natural habitat. The Central Zoo is committed to undertake this program successfully to make better future for wild animals.

Birth of Leopard Cat

The pair of Leopard Cat Prionilurus bengalensis in the central zoo has given birth to two clubs. Unfortunately one of the cubs was found dead where as other cub is doing well. The mother is very protective of the cubs and is hiding the baby away from other leopards and visitors. As the baby is still not examined the sex of the baby is still uncertain. At present the Central Zoo has seven leopard cats. These species are protected species by Nepal Government.

Completion of Bear Enclosure

The Central Zoo successfully completed the construction of new Bear enclosure. The new enclosure has taken in to account all the essential husbandry measures required for the  bears in captivity. It has open space with water pool so that Bears  can enjoy in sun and take bath as per their requirement. In addition to that, there is holding rooms for feeding and sleeping. Himalayan Black Bear can use it for hibernation. The solar electric fence has been installed for the first time in the zoo enclosure. The purpose of solar fence is to prevent bears from climbing the chain links. Both bears and visitors seem to enjoy the new enclosure.

Central Zoo Anniversary Celebration

The Central zoo celebrated its 15th anniversary under the National Trust for Nature Conservation(NTNC) management on 29th December 2010 with wildlife art competition, national level short story writing competition and staff recreational activities. The program was inaugurated by the honorable minister for Forests and Soil Conversation and the Chairperson of NTNC Mr. Deepak Bohara. On the occasion, honorable minister emphasized the role of Zoo in ex-situ conservation and highlighted on the central zoo initiations towards the preparation of zoo regulation. He appreciated the Friends of the Zoo(FOZ) program of Central Zoo and its importance in conversation education.

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